British Pound has been pounded long and hard


Goh, it is good, you withdraw your fanny posts. Good contrarian signals trou. Predicting new lows?, Yes, may be, one of this days but not before GBP goes to 129.0 :smiley:


Don’t take it to hard, but you give your opinions without a chart or explanation, it would help if you did.
I think I am going to stop posting at this forum. Unfortunate, but almost everyone with any knowledge, already left.


Let us know where you head b3cker!




It is pretty hard to determine the time in forex.Bolinger band and Zigzag are good to use. Now reach the upper band already. Good time to short.


It would help to mention time, can bollinger band hold bp for a few days? Sure it can. In fact bp may go flat for a couple of days. You need to add a time perspective to your short. Short for a day, moth , week, forever?

If pound breaks Jan 2019 low, it would go to parity, and something is very wrong with the brexit.


Long term tumble. It has not yet reach to intermediate price and decline to new low. On April we look again.


Price has reached the last year breakout price and bounced away. Then it continued move to sweetspot and bounced back. Stoploss on 30 pips or 50 pips at current peak.


Goh, I do not care about April. For now my model points to higher pound so I am going to look at it in April and every other month. but as I said before we should , get to 129.0 and we did 28.75 is pretty close. Let me remind you this forum is about Hurst, my model is all Hurst, if you want to trade bollinger band (no one ever made any money long term with bollinger bands including Bolinger), it is you money, but try to grasp Hurst technics if you can.


Yellow colour is the way of making money.


Fibre is steady on bear mode and can be seen in DXY. Do you think cable can go higher? Cable has reached the sweetspot and it will be further down to a new low. Dollar probably stops at the breakout price. I think BTC still further down to breakout price also at 1100 while eth at 20. And you can see gold stops at this 1297 area for few days only because it has reached the sweet spot. Just discussion only. No add anything else.


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