EUR, Trying to catch the 80 d trough

This far no change in trend, FPL support holds, marginally higher high is still possible.

looking to lean on support this week. Intraday bounces might be worth a look. There are sure to be people that have interest at the bottom of this range. Who knows, maybe breakout long!

Divergence in Fibre and Dollar index. Very rare to see this signal. Interesting to see how Dxy effects Btc ? Btc reaches 19000 again ?

It is now in a perfect area to sell with high transation risk, because the 80 week trough is forming or has formed. So the question is: “what would cause the Euro to move much higher?” Since its been 615 days since the last 80 week trough. But we can only guess with 50-50 here whether it has. I need to see the 80 day projection comnplete above and then a pullback. So, it will be sometimes, maybe a month or more before hard evidence of the 80 week forming here. So Id say take the short here if you think it hasnt completed it, but it should be on enormous volume and a new event sending it lower I think. The long trade may be around the corner, but these are still relatively high prices.

Perfect triple top yesterday on 15 minute chart

Does anyone have a LT phasing for the EUR/USD? I am using MT4 and have little ability to affect the software’s analysis, but this is what they have…mostly paying attention to the trough analysis.

Hi todd, there is a ranget4, making it hard. It dies this alot when its waiting for news. The system does allow trough pinning btw.

Hi Derek, and how is the pinning accomplished? I sometimes am able to move the diamonds, but usually they are lost if the system refreshes the analysis.

Triangle ?

How can these be real dates when I laid the tile floor and floor computer in circa 1985, Mates Dinosaur?
Jason Aaron Scalmato