First FLD trade!


Hello Everyone

I recently was awakened to Hurst and his cycle analysis. Going long out of cycle troughs has been good to me. Now with Sentient, FLDs are a new trade option for me.

Eur/Usd was moving up yesterday so I looked for any major FLD’s that would give it resistance.

The 40 week FLD was at 1.1570 and the 10 day and 80 day FLDs cross target was also 1.1570.

I shorted at 1.1565 with a stop loss at 1.16

Watching how price crossed the 5hr FLD and retraced back to it and then headed down to the 1 day FLD and back and forth between the two. Pretty impressive.

I did exit a couple points before the 1 day FLD target. Good profit :slight_smile:





The next trade I took was Aurora Cannibas. The notes written on the chart are for my friend.


Daily chart:

15min chart:


Wheres the phasing analysis Nick?


Hello David. I am a big fan of your work.

That is a very good question. I will post the cycle analysis on the next trades.

Did you ever try intraday trading with FLD’s? Any advice you could offer from your experience?


Hi Nick,

Yes I did but I found the noise levels to be too high alas. I prefer now to trade around the 20 day to 20 week degrees and have a larger portfolio.

Essential to post a phasing analysis and then we can see what is going on fully.

Best wishes