Hi all, new here


Hi everyone,

I’m Dave and I’ve found a Hurst channel for TOS platform. Is the Hurst channel dicussed here or just the Cycles ?




Hi Dave,
There’s a thread or two on Hurst envelopes which may apply to your question. Many (most?) of us here use Sentient Trader for cycle analysis, but all are welcome to join in the discussion.



Thanks Roy ! It’s really a matter of setting the correct parameters for the instrument and time frame; that’s where I having problems finding much info.




Hurst envelopes or curvelinear channels are described in depth in Profit Magic, along with a method for applying them. Have you read that?

Welcome along, great name.



Hi David,
No, I haven’t read it. I’ve been using a Fibonacci method I co-created years ago that works great, but was wanting to add a tool in the box and Hurst looked promising.




Well thats the answer then, get yourself a copy of ‘Profit Magic for Stock Transaction Timing’. Channels are only a small but interesting part of the book