Interesting - Coke (KO)


It’s interesting to me that Coke (KO) has not really fallen yet. Does that mean it will and we should short it as it catches up to the rest of the market or is it defying gravity because it’s sugary delicious drinks have such a hold on the world’s population?

My guess is that it can’t defy gravity forever and could be a good short to make some cash on.

Also interesting to note that Pepsi (PEP) looks similar. So, it doesn’t appear to be special to just Coke.




See that McDonalds (MCD) also appears to be defying gravity. Pretty funny that all the non-healthy options are still riding high.




These are low Beta stocks, and typically pay a dividend. You’ll see that similar stocks have an edge over high Beta right now (lower volatility–ie, safer). I suspect this will be the case for a few quarters.


Hey its not on my watchlist. Its a bank for cash only.