Potential Bottom in VOD


Look into VOD. It’s at least at a 40Wk and potentially an 80Wk or even higher. Could break the VTLs tomorrow.




VOD may have upside reaction here. But I think it is to ricky to act. VOD is not going anywhere for now, and may retest 20.31 - 18.75 range before long. Than again, it depends on time frame you track.



Thanks for the interaction b3cker! Wish there was more of this opportunity finding and discussing on this forum. So, very much appreciated.

Not that this means 100% certainty, but with the 20 day VTL break today, ST added in the hollow diamonds below the recent low. Can see in the chart below.

My stop is slightly below the recent low for a reasonable risk of around 6% on the position (much less risk at the portfolio level from proper position sizing).




After today’s action in VOD, ST moved back to a circle and whiskers. My stop has not been hit yet, but could be tomorrow. Looks like a good re-entry point could be on the cross of 80 day FLD or VTL as seen in the below pic.




Remove it after a bounce higher or remove the position to close it at market? Heres where the expertise comes in hehe. Have a good day, I personally would wait for a bear trap to form and then take it off, but that may nit hapoen if general market is still down. I know its tempting to pick from bottoms, but why not pick one that has money flowing in for sure? With volume? Apple for instance received good press last weeks. Lots of volune and the bulls won. Please get back to me at email: derekwfrazier@gmail.com