S&P Long Term Cycle Phasing



Good afternoon, im looking for another downmive of the 10 week peak here. If it temporarily moves priced on NQ down another 8% id be willing to endorse that the 40 week trough has formed. This would result in as you say volatile continued indecision. Perhaps for months in a range. Then another leg down similar or exceeding the first down leg. The other side if Im wrong is a risk on (buy stocks) position for a lower peak (of October’s) of the 20 week cycle formed by a tremendous rally brought on by incredibly bullish news such as brexit and china. If a continued trade war results and brexit doesnt move, or whatever that means, then I expect the first scenario. With a resulting grinding move down to support on NQ at 8-20% down below.



S&P is still under heavy downside pressure from weekly and monthly cycles, market is going to bounce in to Christmas if only to retest recent lows by December 31. Starting new year, S&P should visibly recover from nominal 10 , 20 week cycle lows. Next nominal 20 week cycle high is a next opportunity to sell.So it is far from over yet.

December close scenario will generate FLD crossing on the monthly chart with 1st target 2400

It is hard to pick the actual day for the bottom on the daily chart when all larger time frames are hard down. I guess it is not important, but it is important not be long, the rest is academic. I think next opportunity is to get short is on the next 20 weeks cycle high



This is what I have too



Looking for a February low, but overall, it is shaping into a bad year for the S&P. Time is more important than price.


SPX looks better than it did in the beginning of the year, however I do not think it is over yet.


SPX 20 and 10 week cycle top seems to be on target.


20 week cycle top has right translation, making further upside likely and S&P yet higher into next 20 week cycle high sometime in July. But first, some pull back is in order.