About the Trading category

Everything to do with trading the markets on the basis of a Hurst cycles approach.

These are the kinds of topics to post here:

  • Different trading methodologies, in other words ways of making trading decisions on the basis of your Hurst phasing analysis.

  • Where to place your stops, where to take profits?

  • Share your triumphs so that others can learn from your success.

  • And share your losses so that others can learn from your mistakes.

Please note: it is not allowed to post specific trading recommendations because that is in contravention of SEC regulations. If any posts are in contravention of SEC regulations they will have to be removed.

How do you know if your post is in contravention of regulations?

  • If your post gives specific trading instructions that is not good. Such as “Buy x at y price” - not good!

  • On the other hand being more generic is no problem. “I am looking for a long trade next”, or “an entry at the FLD level would be my approach” - all OK!