Ahoj from Joakim in Czech Republic

Well, I am actually Swedish but lives in Czech Republic since 10+ years, and by some also known as Viking.

My trading experience started only about 6 months ago, although I had been following currencies and some currency sites for some time as I get paid in one currency but conduct my daily life with another… and I guess that’s how that broker guy got hold on me…

My experience have been quite rocky so far as I started out with loosing most of my initial $5000 capital, except for $384 but have since managed to turn the tide and crawl back up above $3000. So, I’m probably playing in a completely different league than most of you…

I found Hurst though my interest and studies of Elliott Wave attending a webinar by Sid Norris at elliottwavepredictions dot com, who uses ST together with EW, and due to David generosity now I also have a chance to do it with the Hurst Cycles tool for MT4, and just hope the license doesn’t expire too soon :wink: so I can accumulate enough to buy one once publicly available.

My experience with the MT4 tool so far is mind blowing, even if I yet haven’t been able to fully capitalize on it. I still make simple and stupid mistakes, although I now and then also make some smart moves and slowly things now are going in the right direction, thanks to Hurst and and Elliott Wave, which I think is a great combination.

I study a lot but still have much to learn and this forum is just great and I am sure will benefit me and my trading a lot, and hopefully I will be able to give something back as well. My work as a translator provides me with a great opportunity to do all this at one and the same time, work, study and trade, what can I say other than life is great!

I also have an old since many years back deep interest in astrology, real astrology which also very much is about cycles and cyclic energies and how psychological forces beyond our personal realm have an impact on it in various way, and I know from there it’s all about understanding and see ones own position in it all.

So this with Hurst Cycles as well as Elliot Wave wave patterns makes a lot of sense to me, what’s lacking so far is the patience and mastery to ride the cyclic waves! I have got hold of a copy of the J.M. Hurst Trading Course and I’m sure I will get there in due time.

Ok better stop it there and go back to looking at charts, and it’s great to be here, and thanks again David. You and Hurst have already had a profound impact in changing my life and I want you to know that.

See you around,


Thanks Joakim! I’m very pleased to hear that I’ve had an impact. I hope your trading continues to be profitable.

Thanks David,

I have no doubt it will be.


Welcome aboard. Good to see you here.