Bonds Medium Term Trade Short Straddle Evident

Short Trade alert on TLT:
IF you believe in shorting bonds now that Yields are up, and the down move should extend below the last 80 week cycle, and you believe that the Fibonacci Extension is further below. Like most pros… Then join me in a nice short trade this week. Pay anything below 4.65 and youre good for a nice short. As I write this the bonds are gapping down again.

I totally believe that these will get to 100. dollars.

IF it doesn’t happen, it will be because the 40 week trough hasn’t been put in yet. At 45 plus weeks, I totally think its straddled. And not to mention the bearish news. They cant sell it fast enough. Believe me.

BUY +1 TLT 100 16 MAR 18 118 PUT @1.40 -2.00 LMT
IS going to be a buy for me this week. I think the move may be violent to 112 dollars

Weekly RSI at 38 and dropping, Holding