British Pound has been pounded long and hard

British Pound has been pounded long and hard and ready to bounce when confirmed by FPL

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Let see today for GBPUSD. Reaching 23.6% already.

very good work!! i are thoe around half of circle every three months? the smallones, and the nex 6 months?

This cycle timing is really amazing. Example bitcoin.

Do you mind keeping bitcoin under different topic, other than Pound?

Thank You.

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Goh, What does your 4hr look like for the future for GBP. I went long 15th Jan and never let go of it.
Went short to cover at 12640 and closed shorts at 12250, so l’d like to keep my old long now into 131 ish

No prob’s Goh, l am currently looking at a GBP/USD 4hr around 12478 at the moment.
We could reach 12700 before a decent drop starts.

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What do you have now for Cable. A short term pullback could take us to 137 or 139 and then rally to 150

I have similar picture on my daily chart but all timeframes higher than daily are hard up.

18 month nominal low first mate

I’m short already as I trade the 80 day cycle and smaller. So will be shorting and longing and shorting and longing and shorting and longing and shorting and longing regardless :wink:

Daring doesnt get a look in…


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Seasonally a bounce is imminent here on cable, COT data is full bullish for commercials, but large specs tend to get direction right more often than commercials IMO.

Any rally from here towards the 23rd July will probably be met with heavy selling again




Don’t take it to hard, but you give your opinions without a chart or explanation, it would help if you did.
I think I am going to stop posting at this forum. Unfortunate, but almost everyone with any knowledge, already left.

Let us know where you head b3cker!



Ok Goh. You win. Is your page now, you can rattle to your heart content. Give and recall your forecasts every as you normally do.

What competition? You have the talent, each of your forecasts and I mean every prediction you ever made, was WRONG!!!. Your opinion is only useful as contrarian indicaticator. One would make a lot of money, going against your every call . Relax, go to casino and bet on red, you will have better chances for success. Everything I said can be easily verified, anyone can look at your posts, and unless you already withdrawn all of best jules, would see you as blowhard you are.

Added to your long Ethereum position lately? What does your “yellow” line tell you? Your buy recommendation at $400 was the best short ever.

Yeah u right. . I agree… I was not confidence also thus I asked for your opinion. Long term bear is end when the intermediate high is broken. Do not know whether going test the breakout on next week before moves up or direct move up.?

Dollar is completing a half of 16 year trough.

If monday dxy still rally down and break the intermediate low then very confirm bullish yellow line is end.

Drop below 70. Btc and eth should pull a brake now. Ready to rally. Btc has a chance of reaching 100,000. 400 usd only. I only buy a real crypto and not a crypto in forex. Take it easy buddy. You only see a tip of iceberg.:rofl: