Cable Elliott Wave and Hurst Analysis

Please see GBPUSD HC and EW analysis. For me we have the potential to move higher still in an expanding diagonal pattern in EW terms with the 18 month cycle high coming from Nov 11th onwards. I am happy with the EW analysis but I would appreciate thoughts and comments on the HC chart. Cheers

I agree with your Hurst Phasing. I have the same phasing in terms of troughs, I do not phase peaks!

Above is my phasing I believe it is identical :slight_smile: HaHa

Hahaha. Thanks Ahmed. Always nice to know someone else thinks the same :slight_smile:

Good. Something I can agree with.

At list now it looks like a double bottom 11/12 - 01/03

We all await the next 80 day nominal low. Should be a good one. I look forward to many media rationalisations of the move higher here in the UK!

Brexit? Done finally.

I’m 99.9% positive Brexit will be one of them…

Well, Brexit would be the real reason, I think, but how media will be explaining it? They will not. It will be ignored, as any good news that do not fit in the box of the media narrow minds.

Mate, they don’t ignore Brexit. On the contrary, its the only thng they talk about! Regardless, one doesn’t need news rationalisation to trade cycles as defined by Hurst, thank God.

Hi b3cker- just looking at your second chart cycles_hurst am I right in thinking there is a high in cable due Oct 22nd, or have I read it wrong? Thanks :slight_smile:

Remember? it is a weekly chart. So nominal 10 week top has happen last week and as you can see on the daily chart below midpoint is below 20 FLD

It ought to be a good low! GBPUSD <3. This will shock people believe me. It will either shock the world or shock me by going down HaHa.

What are you talking about? What is GBPUSD < 3? I did not mention any price targets. Different ball of wax

Where do you think its headed then? Can you explain the lower indicator you got? helps in phasing?

Lower indicator is a Hurst model. Composite of nominal cycles on the daily time frame with extension of 1/2 cycle in the future. Composite model in dark red does not see last 9 bars of price action. Yellow is up to date. Break of the 20d nominal FLD projects cycle low to about 1.2875
Together with weekly model, daily model indicates weakness into mid November.

Cheers b3cker… Nice model…being a newcomer to Hurst I think we are waiting for a trough around mid November …as we wait for a trough then we move lower first …But whatever my view is thanks for the explanation…Much appreciated.

Interesting Similar cyclical circumstance. The trend is what defines peak translation hence finding a cycle in the past with a similar trend element will be almost identical to the current cycle. What happened after highlighted zones will be similar to the future. The larger cycle one takes into context the more similar… Why? Because the trend is more similar

God bless HURST AND Gann HaHa

Yes Yes it is the program I learned cycles on! I was very active on the group…Ah yes yes the north node cycle I believe you are referring to. I don’t use astronomical cycles since variation can disrupt them and they don’t take the trend into context,. Nice chart and amazing to see that it is supportive of my hypothesis.

Thanks B

BP daily, getting there