Cable Elliott Wave and Hurst Analysis

SELL EVERYTHING AND RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! LOL hell is gonna turn loose till year’s end!

I’ll just come and chill out in Sharm with you mate. Bit of snorkelling. :smiley:

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I am not talking in regards of Great Britain which I truly love :slight_smile: , the whole world is gonna go ballistic. I don’t think we can fully absorb the ramifications of this projection IF it happens.


Looks like someone joined the bear camp! I love it… I may disagree with what lies post the 2020 low but until then my response would be ‘great minds think alike’


We are very close to 54 month cycle VTL on DAX a break of which would further confirm the 9 year high. 18 month high confirmed on SPX due to a breach of the last 40 week cycle low and obviously the 40 week upward VTL prior to taking out that low

God bless

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