Changing the Nominal Model

Hi Everybody, I´m from Chile and I´m starting to use Hurst Cycle to complement my analysis. So if anyone can answer this question great:
I want to know how often does anyone here change the nominal model? This is a practice that I need to do a lot?

I would say no, pinning your charts to better align the cycles should be all you need to do. You will know you have the charts pinned correctly when you see the price action closing following a given selected FLD and/or VTL.

Hi @sesimonfe I agree with @bobmagnuson - you hardly ever have to change your nominal model. The only thing you need to do is choose the correct nominal model for the instrument (for instance stocks work well with the original Hurst model in my opinion, whereas Gold works better with the shorter cycles that @joestreich uses). Then after that you don’t change the model.
Sentient Trader finds cycles in the range of 65% to 150% of the wavelength in the nominal model and so it is pretty flexible.
In fact personally I still work almost entirely with the original Hurst model.