CL Medium Term Forecast

80 Day FLD Interactions

Followed by the 20 Day

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Its a toughy as sometimes is the case for the G/A interaction. Both in stock and oil right now. The market will tell us next couple of days.

Updating an alternate 20 day FLD interaction chart with my preferred count. 80 Day looking more and more to be in place…

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Which also places the F interaction on the 80 day FLD chart in place…

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Just wanted to say thanks for your posting of charts. The RTY and SPX charts have been favorites of mine to update, along with GC and CL.

Don’t you wish that we could notate FLD interactions within ST? :slight_smile:

Best of luck.

Absolutely, it should automatically do it

Yes! I agree completely.

That would be an excellent feature request.

I’m not a programmer but I would think that wouldn’t be that hard to program in considering all that ST can already do. Could be dangerous if blindly followed though…(what isn’t)