Complete analysis of Hurst

The Hurst theory’s mathematical/conceptual model as shown in the first Chapter of the Seminar work is the complete explanation of how all stocks, etc. work. The problem is that because detrending uses digital filters which have lag in them, it then becomes impossible to get to the end of the data to predict future price action.
His use of curveliner channels and FLDs are not very effective. Channels because prices don,t always go from bottom to top and back down again. FlD’s are too complicated especially trying to use VTL He missed completely the idea that the market tells you ahead of time what it is going to do. I would like help in designing a way of building a predictive model by approximating the last two dominate waves which were 6 years 5 months and 15 days (2002-2009) and 6 years 5 months and 25 days (2009-2015), We are now 3 years and about 5 months along on a 6 year 5 month 20 day dominate cycle.

There are some very smart mathemetiticians that hang out on this board. If you wanted to share some of your theory/theories, I’m sure they’d be able to help with some calculations/algorithms that you could potentially utilize in your work.



Your post is naive and betrays a lack of understanding. Go back to Profit Magic. Read it again along with the cyclitec cycles course and Graftons book. Watch all of Davids Hicksons videos. If you like, ask me about any phasing analysis I post on twitter for tips and subtleties.

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