Composite model line

hi all
anyone know how to build the composite model line?

Hi Bernard, Its on the cycle bar on Sentient Trader. It’s not in MT4. Just so you know. Select the composite model tab, then "build composite mode"l. Check all cycles you want to be calculated into that composite. You have to conduct a phasing analysis before using that model as well. Email me for more help

Thank you Derek, but I do not have ST, and I do everything on excel. if you know how to plot in excel it will be great, by the way I believe David use 1.35 ratio for the amplitude is it correct?
thank you

Good, Bernard, No I dont know that. Id ask David that question, sir. See you round here.

Thank you anyway.
Hurst cucles analysis is so interesting, I start the over 1000 pages hurst course, is so intereting.

@bernard, if you want to build the composite, it should just be the sum of the cycles that you want to include.

So, if you have your 20D, 40D, 80D, 20W, … cycles identified, you should be able to just add them together.

The key is having them identified (Period, Amplitude, Phase).

Good Luck