Cycle Thoughts...three different trading calls on the US markets

Please forgive my noobishness. I’m trying to wrap my mind around the Dashboard looking at shorting the S&P and going long on the NQ and Dow. I suppose it has to do with the thought that they are all different categories…could that possibly affect the time they are in the trade category? The FLD lines for all three look virtually identical to my untrained eye and the price pattern looks in sync as well…Thoughts?

By the way…is there a place where folks hang out live? Like a chat room or something?

Thanks for any insight…New Hurst Enthusiast…

At the top of the 20 week cycle on US equities, but we have to wait for another push up to short anything. Noone does a group, here. Ive not seen interest for it, intraday. Ive been here for going on 8 years now. My advice is to stay medium to long term with Hurst cycles on the daily chart, and run algo trading programs when youre sure of trend direction and position phasing. If youre interested and have any ideas for that let me know. @cyclicalmarkets

Thanks Derek…I wasn’t actually thinking about trading them yet, (I’m still working through the Cycle Academy). My point was that it seemed odd that there was a possible short signal on S&P and possible long signals on the Qs and the Dow. I’m having a blast following some of the pairs now. That’s opened a whole new frontier for me.

Believe it or not…I don’t tweet. I don’t know how. I just graduated to a Smart Phone from a flip phone about two years ago! Hee hee….

Hi Dogbone, it is an unusual situation to have different analyses across the similar instruments. Whenever it happens we discuss here which analysis should be adjusted … but often we choose not to adjust either because it is very difficult to know yet which analysis is actually correct. I know it can seem confusing (and we always get complaints :slight_smile:) but I think it is foolish to choose one analysis over the other when it is impossible to know which is correct. The difference between the two analyses is actually fairly small … has the 80-day trough occurred, or not yet?
I think that it is more important to bear in mind the possibilities than to determinedly choose one and hope for the best. We have to see how price action unfolds, and wait for clarity to return. It always does eventually!
With regards to a live chat environment … we have tried several things in the past, and it has never really taken off. The problem is that the successful Hurst practitioners are too busy doing their own trading - although they are a very supportive group of people, they are just very busy. I have the privilege of speaking often with very experienced analysts and traders. But if you have any thoughts about how this might be achieved do please let me know.
This is one of the things that we are looking at in terms of how we can improve our services at Sentient Trader and Hurst Signals … if you haven’t yet told us the challenges you face in applying Hurst Cycles please do that now!

Well, I have no complaints! I find the cycle work fascinating. I had a bit of an enlightening experience today. I was going through the Foundation work yet again and I must say that slides 4-9 are gold stars for me right now. The FLD trading strategy seemed to jump off the page at me tonight! So I would say there is definitely a method behind the measured release of the content. The process has allowed me to learn a little bit more about myself as well, especially the value of patience.

Happy Trading all!

That is great to hear. I hope that it continues to make sense, and profits for you.