Data Source Alternatives to Yahoo

To the Forum,

I’ve noticed that increasingly my free data source at yahoo is becoming corrupted. I rely mostly for non-commodity price data at yahoo, so stocks, US and Canadian, and then indexes. I use Ninja Trader for commodity and currency data (eod - free). I have always been miserly that way. Don’t know why.

I was wondering if any one has a data source for the ^bsesn at yahoo which is the Bombay market. I messed up my backup data yesterday for it. And also IBN which is ICI Bank. Thanks.

Hello John, you can try, they have sensex.

Thank you Huub. That worked well. I think it was you who suggested this site a while back when I was looking for Bond data.

I never really had a close look at this site but will now consider this over yahoo going forward. Glad it has an English interface because my Polish is not very good. :slight_smile:


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