Disappointed with Insight Thinking Corp

If you purchase a Hurst signals subscription from this company they provide an educational video series that helps you trade David Hickson’s FLD trading strategy. The videos are parceled out each week, maybe to prevent info overload, and maybe to offer new marketing, however the last set of videos are distributed on day 32 of the subscription. So, if you decided (as I did) that the Hurst signals weren’t a good fit, and you did not renew the subscription you do not get the last set of videos.

I think this is a mistake. Either you support the product and it stands on its own merits or it doesn’t. Dangling a last-minute carrot just to get another $39 sale should be beneath the dignity of a winning team.

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As you are impugning the dignity and perhaps integrity of our small company I will respond.

  • The Hurst Signals FLD Strategy course sells for $395.
  • We do not make the full course available for $39, about two-thirds of the course is available in the first month, and the full course is available upon renewal of Hurst Signals for a total cost of $78. That is 20% of the full value of the course.
  • We are not “dangling a last-minute carrot”. If a subscriber to Hurst Signals feels that they are not likely to get at least $78 value from the course then they do not renew.
  • The product does stand on its own merit, and is worth more than $39, which is why we do not make it available for that amount.

Is this “beneath the dignity of a winning team”? We value our products and services, and don’t provide full access to a $395 product for $39. If anything, that is evidence that we are proud of our services, recognize their value, and act with the dignity of a winning team.

Is this disappointing?

Perhaps other members of the community will find that your post adds value.


I would presume that a customer providing honest feedback (however smugly, I seem to be unable to suppress it) would be valuable to a business owner. Your emails usually ask for feedback and there it is.

It would seem less underhanded to simply charge $78 for a month’s subscription or simply remove the videos from the list that you feel are too much value for the price charged rather than say “module 4 is now ready” - oh, but only if you subscribe for another month.

This is my opinion and you are free to do business as you please, obviously.

Since ST and other products that you sell are not very useful without a thorough knowledge of the concepts, it seems pointless to sell the educational materials separately. You could absorb the cost in the subscription and offer it with the product.

Considering that the Hurst methods are fairly ‘niche’ as they are harder to understand and to put in practice than Elliott Wave or other methods, it would benefit you to have a better informed pool of users; they are potential future customers.

How many Elliotticians post their forecasts on Twitter? Hundreds? Thousands? And how many Hurstonians? Two? Three? Keeping your knowledge behind a paywall is I’m confident, only doing you a disservice. That’s $395 worth of advice, I am sure.

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You could always just read the books and course, thats what I did, doesn’t cost much. And then a ton of youtube videos by @david.hickson, @DerekFrazier and others are out there. You don’t require ST to use Hurst Cycles but it helps.


If you have an issue with ST from a business perspective, it would be more appropriate to address it privately in a one-on-one conversation and not spray it all over the forum and internet. I have always found David and his “winning team” very professional, accommodating, and helpful when it comes to these types of issues. What is not professional is posting a denigrating cartoon on a forum that David organized to help Hurst practitioners over a $39 bill. That’s bush league stuff and shows very poor judgment and lack of impulse control. Since successful trading requires good judgment and discipline, maybe you should look inward for the source of your problems rather than making questionable claims against others.

I don’t believe you will find much sympathy on this forum for your argument that ST does not provide adequate educational materials. They go out of their way to provide information through their help desk, webinars, videos, online written material, and this forum. There is also a large amount of publicly-available information to get up to speed on Hurst’s approach. Plenty of traders use it successfully (with or without ST or Hurst Signals). As Hurst said in PM, “The results are yours if you care to apply yourself with sufficient intensity”. For you to imply that not receiving access to a small amount of the course materials will prevent you from becoming successful is utter nonsense. Weak.

It seems to me there is more to your post than “providing feedback”. There are plenty of ways to do this in a constructive, positive manner without being disrespectful and publicly questioning ST’s motives and integrity.