DJIA30 40W trough

something interesting is happening to DJIA30, a 40 week trough is due, price entered the pause zone in blue and headed south touching again 40W FLD after the first touch on mid of September but this time it is not bounced back but stick to it,either the price could heading more south penetrating 40W FLD to test 40W VTL or it will bounce back again to north penetrating 5D FLD and the pause zone to achieve new highs … am i on the right road of DJIA analysis?.. hope from colleagues here share their analysis and if something wrong with my view.

40 week cycle is gaining dominance. Barring election flash crash price should track 40W FPL.
Straight from the horse’s mouth, it is FPL (future price line) and not FLD.

That’s pretty much what I have Sherif. I expect price to track around that 40 week fld (median price) before ultimately finding some support. If the 18 month peak is in I don’t expect new highs. The next 20 week peak may be a good short.


thanks David for your confirmation and clear points, what is is probabilities it have to penetrate the 40W FLD from your previous experience with such cases.

thanks B3cker but apologize for my ignorance, which kine is the FPL and what does it means

Please forgive me for the confusion. FPL is very much same thing as FDL and nothing more then median price line projected half cycle in the future. I learned about it under different name.