Dogbone, from Indiana

Hello Hurstorians!

My forum handle is Dogbone. I live in Indiana, USA. I’ve been in the financial service biz for 25+ years. I shake hands with the U.S. markets every day and you know what? I’m a terrible trader. I stumbled across an ST youtube video on lunch one day. David H. was discussing the S&P big picture. In 25 years, I’ve never heard of cycle analysis. It just seemed to intuitively make sense to me and David is so articulate and well spoken. I am captivated and motivated rather than my usual skeptical self. I’m part of the Hurst Signal community and look forward to graduating up to the full monty. Thank you to the entire Sentient Trader Team for bringing Hurst alive for the 21st Century. Dogbone

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Yes Dogbone, cycles are the key, l’ve studied Delta for years, this also works the cycles, but for day trading its a nightmare, you have to catch the daily weekly support and resistance to see the end of a cycle. Hurst also shows the cycles, so its a case of having the patience to wait for them too. l’ve traded for 17 years, and it took me a while too to understand cycles.

The things Ive learned about this business, at least online, is that you need colleagues and friends to develop with and sit in real life with, to spend alot of time with, thinking about these things. To sit behind a monitor is folly. My twitter is @cyclicalmarkets see you there. Good luck! Its a great thing that Hurst did for people. Im amazed he was able to do it, I have compared alot of what I do in the real world with what Ive learned from Hurst. While it has gotten harder, I think using algos is a real possibility for faster success for a Hurst Cycles Trader.