Dow Jones Industrial Average (EOD)

Current view of DJIA I am tracking. Phasing suggests a further small move up to an 80 day peak (cannot materially break the 18 month peak), followed by the 40 week low mid/end Nov. I would not be suprised to see support at the 18 month FLD below.

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I am tracking the same analysis David. I think the height of that 80 day peak is key here. It should give us some hints of how deep that 40 week low might go.

Yes indeed Stefan. If the 18 month nominal peak IS present according to this phasing (and I dont see any reason to doubt that yet) we must see a move DOWN/SIDEWAYS to an 18 month trough. So the forthcoming 20 week peak AFTER the 40 week low will be key.

David, do you know why the FLD changes. I was long, l switched to short on a 15 min time frame and now it turns out l had the right direction and the FLD switched on me after the event. Lost money.

and then this happened


Angela, I cant see any FLDs on your chart?

Those purple circles with dotted lines

That one has the VTL on, but what l saw were circles with a purple dotted showing the direction was down

and then this 2nd one has moved and pointing upward,

I know we are still above the VTL David, but the path on the linear line has not changed, just the circles, one minute they were down, and suddenly it swung long without warning, why does that happen, and how can it be relied upon, or am l missing something.

This maybe better David, but this is the one that came after the circles marked heading down towards 19130
which didn’t happen, so maybe a move to 19300 and then drop to 19130, it would be nice to see 18970 minimum
before we rally again.

That last one is better, clearly price has found support at the 5 day FLD there, nice bounce. Always keep an eye on potential support and resistance from FLDs when looking at targets.

Looking at your phasing price needs to come to a 5 day peak before crossing back down below the 5 day FLD, all things considered.

In answer to your earlier questions about the FLD suddenly changing direction I would suggest you need to stop trading and start reading some Hurst material. In order to trade well with Hurst you MUST have a deep understanding…what exactly ARE VTLS and FLDs etc? You are welcome to come along to my intraday trading room of course, open most days for free. Be prepared to take on a lot of information quickly :smiley:


What about this 4hr cycle, please ignore the red and blue arrows, they are my own.

That 4hr peak didn’t work, so again l’m taking another loss trying to short those triangles.
I’m afraid l don’t understand this software David.

I saw the buy but what happened to the sell side, any idea?

Simple advice Angela, stop trading using Hurst Cycles until you understand them properly. The information is out there.

Thanks David, advice taken, and your charts much appreciated

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Thanks for all the updates. What’s your trading room link David.
I need to learn before l consider buying.


Excellent, sound advice!

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Link is on my twitter profile page.

Don’t buy anything until you have read all the prerequisite books.



Thanks David, much appreciated

Hi Angela. I absolutely agree with David’s advice about learning everything you can before actually trading.
With regard to the FLD moving you might find this video interesting:

Thank you David, this was helpful.

Coming back to this thread is fun with an update on the DJIA. The initial phasing at the start of the thread was simply out by one larger degree in regard to the peak phasing! The trough phasing is absolutely spot on.

Wonderful stuff, now we have the 18 month peak.