Dual analysis and peak through projections

To John and David,

John i have noticed that the extremely important remark you have made in your seminar on gold in october for the 45 mn cycle also can be applied on the charrt of the Toronto index you have presented a few days ago. I believe in a 30 w cycles that you used there

That bottoms that are made on trough cycles are followed with peaks on the Next dashed top cycles and vice versa.

So the question is raised: Is this fact repeated on other cycle lenghts and for other charts??
Because if it is, you might have discovered the egg of Colombus.

The Toronto chart suggest that it is repeatable.

Could you check e.g. the shorter cycles of 5 ,10, 20 weeks for gold, spx and oil.?

If this fact seems to be confirmed i suggest to David to mark these special bottoms cycles and tops by thickening their diamonds, circles and whiskers on the sentient charts.

If this would be through the next thing would be for David to tackle the amplitude issue. I have a few ideas on the matter but will first wait to see what comes up of the issue raised