EUR, Trying to catch the 80 d trough

Looking for a low any time now if not already, please review phasing for comments.


Last 10 d cycle altered for a better fit.


I think you have a bit time before EUR pops (11/08?). Downside targets not hit yet.

In longer term time-zone for a reversal. There isn’t much downside left in my humble opinion

81% correlation between current cyclical circumstance and similar cyclical circumstance

Does anyone has USD data going back longer than 1967?

USDM.csv (53.6 KB)

Here is monthly data back to 1880


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I forgot to mention you in last reply… you will find data above.


Hi Ahmed, lets watch that VTL for resistance and allow any news to dissipate, and then watch fir that long hopefully after one more week of down for a nice long and more additional adds in Nov.

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I think it is going to close the gap at 1.07

Two more weeks. 99.79 ?



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If not yesterday, then is today. This week is the peak.

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If you are referring to my EURO chart, it is weekly, and certainly points to any day this week. I would be careful and wait for conformation. Than again, future of Euro on monthly time frame is still bleak but there isn’t enough data to make it conclusive.

ABC complete ? Still missing something ?

im sorry, is it mt4 version of ST, how i can able to make such projection lines?

I am not using ST. But you can create composite line in ST. I believe, you would need stand along ST not MT4

I have mt4, what is that software you use?

1.11 ? Re-bounce to 1.25 ?