EUR/USD 18M trough

many think that the 18M trough already done on 25th July, is there any on think it is still under progress

Still to come, in commonality with GBPUSD

with the phasing in the pic, is it possible we just witnessed the 18M trough? 18M FLD just provided a support as expected, 10D VTL penetrated obvously, composite line is projecting to up and prices just reversed from the pause zone in blue area as expected, i will not rush but wait for more confirmation from 20D VTL penetration as well as prices may go down furthur for touching 18M FLD again kissing goodbye

That looks a very likely candidate for the low. When you see price find support at the matching FLD AND have a nest of lows it is a powerful signal, imho.

At least a 4 Months Low

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