EURGBP Phasing comments

Hi Friends, Please see my daily EURGBP phasing analysis. The FLD shown is the 20W FLD and reading Grafton (mastering Hurst cycle analysis) that means when price crosses it on downside the target low should be 25% of the FLD projected fwd. The 20W FLD is running short at 13.6 w (and there is an 80D trough expected around Sep 17). 25% of 13.6 weeks is 3.4 weeks or 18 days from the break.EURGBP bottomed 13 days after the break lower on Sep 20. Is 5 days leeway for a trough too far or is my phasing wrong somewhere?
Thanks very much.

Check your composite line. Change one of your components from 13.9 m to 17.1 m and check composite line again. You should see big improvement for intermediate and a long term.

Generally speaking, No One has dismissed The Principle of Commonality yet, so we should see a retest of the recent lows by the end of October

@b3cker…Thanks very much for the help. Will do as suggested and see what I get.
Thanks again…TCC