EURUSD how far can it go?

Hi John,
How far eurusd can go in long position. I long eurusd. Do u see my profit?

Do not talk about long. Luckily I have stoploss program. I can see that it is false breakout to upper side. I short it again. Back to my original plan. The Diamond will be repainted. The target should be 1.02. Price cannot be in the range bound. I suspect today will be the breakout. This dollar index strategy is long term long, medium term long and short term long. I did my analysis up to grand supercycle and I myself cannot believe on my analysis. Impossible right. I shall go long at 1.02.

Thanks David. Good title.

Last time I did not know about the points here until I used the software hurst cycle.
Here is the M15 eurusd analysis. Can you see the amazing black line. Black line represents cycle. There are 4 points in one cycle. First point and second point determines where is the fourth point. I am waiting for the breakout only. It might be heavy. The last cycle is getting truncated.

My strategy is trading for breakout. I do not trade short term. I can but it is very time consuming. This time could be 7 times entry already to trade long term. Hopefully I can get used to this new software and familiar with the points so I would spend less time sitting in front of computer…

Can you see the cycle timing is matching the amplitude accurately ? Awesome. I also just learned when I purchased the hurst cycle software last few days ago.

How long it should go is easy. It can be calculated by amplitude and verification of timing cycle in 4 hours and m15. To be precise timing, zoom in m15 to know where it would stop.

Software always proposed but we have to verify its count. Awesome. Few years msytery finally all are clear. I think i would further work out on future pattern.

Wasting time only trading minutes. I rather spend time doing analysis and identify where is the turning point.

Yesterday result

I have modified the elliot wave but I cannot deny the existence of 5 and 3. Hurst cycle must be adopted to this theory in order to be accurate. Hurst calculation assumes all the amplitude is the same. As we can see the chart ABCDE we can predict. FGH is very hard due to its amplitude is too much different.

Big picture perspective once again. I really love the title because the EURUSD is likely at the very trough of another long wave up. From the February 1985 low, the following cycles status is:

30 - 32 year is 31.8 years along
15 - 16 year is 16.1 years along
7.5 - 8 year is 8.1 years along
4 year is 4.3 years along

This is a Sentient Trader analysis with the ICM setting. It found a 30 year cycle and I pinned it to 1985 low for the EURUSD (which makes sense as it was the all time high for the USD).

Sentient has pinned the 2015 low as the major low but new lows are imminent (as expected all year - yes). Once the EURUSD prints these new lows we wait for a major cycle low to arrive for the Euro. TWT.


I am adding to short. Have you short it ?

Yesterday result

I have short at the higher place. Still do not think it is the lowest. Look very attractive to go long. Still waiting.

My view point in H4. I took the profit from top to A. See whether to add some more in D point. No more add so far. Hurst MT4 indicator is very powerful. Hardly to see the movement either in M1, M15 and H4 if without it. I like this indicator more than ST. Although it is powerful, I need to justify its proposal. ST is only lack of drawing tool that I need so far. Can I have the drawing tool so I can mark the point and do some revision ?

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Hi John,

You are correct. :thumbsup:Bingo. I close all short. Now long already. Turning point but can it goes such higher than before ?

I did a manual counting for dollar index in H4. The first correction now is fast will complete at next week. My view point it is only temporary correction before moving up again. What do you think ?

Hi Goh

Eur/USD held the 1.05175 area and looks set to rally, but the EW-ers still think there is more downside.
I have no opinion either way but l certainly don’t like the EUR as a currency, l would rather look at other
pairs, but if the cycles are working for you what’s your upside target long term


Dear Angela,

Here is the H4 counting for dollar index. I also verify its count already. Probably next week is correction and complete in 1 week. The best is we sit for 6 weeks thrust upward upon end of correction. This is only for your reference. Do not blame me if it does not work out. Trading is like betting but betting with some counting would be better rather than put your money on roulette. :grinning:

Hi Goh

No problem at all, l have traded for years and aware of what can go wrong and all about risk.
I appreciate your thoughts and reply. I mainly trade the SPX and have only just spent the last 3 mths looking at currency pairs. Mainly because l cannot chase a trade on SPX and can’t short
this monster either.

Many thanks


This is eurusd daily. If according to this chart, now it can be said completed 18 months bottom. If the price can reach top trendline on 30 of december. Top is 18 months may push it down. Therefore elliot wave count is WXYXZ. Z part maybe is extremely fast and unexpected. Forex is always full of surprise and unexpected. If it compares with sp500 also reaching the top already.

Nice, thank you for the charts with labels. I want to short SPX, but there is nothing l can see yet
on a daily and 4hrly basis that says we are done, but it’s very close to turning on the 4hr.

I think l would rather wait for a peak on Eur/Usd and short it, thanks again Goh

This is H4 dollar index. From bottom is 2 cycles and later is 4 cycles. Current is 6 cycles in it. Can it be 8 cycles ?

This is weekly gold. Amazing Hurst timing. Isn’t it ? Can you see how many potential betting points ? David really is genius. Last time I did not know how to see these points but not now. Hard to bet without these points.

I think you might miss the eurusd train already. Dollar index what I have counted is the ending 6 cycles. I am getting better in counting the cycle in smaller timeframe. I tell you this cycle stuff is very interesting until I spend 8 hours each day counting it. This cycle is matching with amplitude also thus it can generate a clear view of projection and future pattern. The betting point that I mentioned is very powerful point. Anyway still have sp500 to catch up.

Great charts Goh, really looking forward to your view on SPX rotations, do you work on time frames
shorter than 4hr?


My computer is overloaded with this Hurst MT4 indicator. Yes, M15 and M1. M1 and M15 determine where is the low point and the highest point of a cycle. Get this Hurst MT4 indicator and you can see it also.

Last leg of SPX will be truncated at M15. Then you trade on the breakout. Simple only. Do you have this Hurst MT4 indicator ?

For Example I long this eurusd in M1 in second phase. A complete cycle of second phase.

In M15 Can you see the second phase ? The bottom is last bear phase truncated. Isn’t simple ?.:smile:

The Key of success is yourself. You must keep educate yourself this only the game. So you have no fear. You are playing a game. Fear will affect your justification.

Always put a stoploss to the price you have entered after it moves away. I think that should be enough already. I do not want to add anymore in eurusd. I am going to do some exercise later.

Sp500 is the end already. So i short it. You can check my demo.

No Goh, l don’t have the indicator, l am just on a trial at the moment.
My father passed away and was unable to come on board at the time, so David kindly offered
me another week or so to catch up. Still learning.


Are you in Japan, US or other, l’m interested in knowing what times you are able to trade Goh

Sorry to hear your father news from you. Malaysia. Hurst MT4 is software. The correct calculation is after the result. I still need to calculate it to know the exactly the current position but however I did not calculate yesterday. Get this software and learn how to calculate. Yesterday was a push by cycle. Wave always moves in a channel. Channel is formed by cycle. David approach is the nearest way to unlock the mystery. No software can predict it correctly. I just discover this calculation and still learning it also.

Short eurusd. Extremely powerful hurst MT4.

I try to view eurusd out of a box. This is the M30 chart. I found that 27.9 H is a good betting point. Therefore this week will reach 1.08. Then next week will rally down. I already long it.