EURUSD Long term cycles

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Not so confirm eurusd is bullish when approaching 57.5M trendline. DXY is a bit confusing. I would rather take the eurusd analysis to determine what is the DXY direction. I suspect it is not yet completed. I will be more confirm to long it when it breaks 9.6Y trendline. What do you think ? Eurusd has a beautiful consistent zigzag also. Peak timing is shorter than trough timing.

18 year peak to 18 year trough completed so fast ? 2018 to 2019 is the best year for bitcoin. Bitcoin will break 19000 to 40000. Bitcoin is the best investment option when one of these countries is in trouble. This is the sign of bitcoin becoming of global reserve currency or if not, it will be the best investment asset. Kitcoin will be top 2 when it is open to public. :smile:

Future 18Y peak is so short ?


How do you square this EURUSD future with your thoughts on gold? Historically there has been a strong negative correlation between the dollar and gold. You’re forecasting both the dollar and gold to increase significantly over the next year or so.

Do you have more confidence in the USD, Gold, or are you expecting this correlation to break down over the next year?


Hi nygard,

I am more confidence on gold due to the last year signal given. Correlation to me is when the dollar value is increasing, it will add advantage to gold profit in the exchange rate USDMYR.

Dollar has no signal yet. Cannot short and long eurusd yet. I am waiting on weekly signal generated in order to short it.

It is too attractive. I have short it at 1.2051. Target time maybe this year end. Happy trading.

ST itself is very powerful tool. No need to have other indicators. Believe in ST. Only need to figure out the timing.

I’m also uncertain about EURUSD, but DXY seems to be approaching the bottom of its range, and I expect a rally soon-ish.

54 month peak completed ? :sweat_smile: I have short at 1.2268. Forex is not so stable like gold. Trial short only. What if this is analysis is correct ?

Trial short again on 1.2260. I can feel that my timing is correct. 1.23 is the huge resistance. Without this timing, i cannot hold it for long term. Wait another week to confirm.

4th of February 2018 Peak ? 1.27 ?

I think this timing is suitable for eurusd. Bitcoin is still looking good until 2020.

March ? 1.30 ?

If I pin the 40 week peak on 13-09-2017, next 54 month peak is on May at 1.32. Straight up. What do you think the best ?

Today is the day breaking the trendline for DXY. I suspect today is the due date if it is counted as according to center point. Eurusd 1.25 maybe the last price. I have short eurusd at 1.2529 now. No meaning if dollar is continuous falling. Took eurusd 250 pips from Tuesday until now.

More obvious future projection. Grab this opportunity.

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I don’t think we are going to have such a big retracement. 1.12(max pullback) then resume its rocket fuel like in the Comp line.

I agree at 1.12 but I suspect this is C wave consists of 5 waves. Still observing it whether it is a C wave.:sweat_smile: On June will reach this target. Happy trading. I have added some more today.:smile: I have closed the gold. Bitcoin seems gaining power again. Cheers my friends.

Indeed time is more important than amplitude. Thanks to ST. I have chucked away previous understanding whatsoever and fully concentrate on phasing only.

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I close the short. Look at the higher level 1.29

Skyrocket !

Forming a U-cup. Best to make money is in the last phase. Last phase is an exponential rhythm.

Not skyrocket. Waiting to drop. I will short at lower level 1.24.