Financial Wave Theory -- Application, Bugs and Improvement

This thread is dedicated to anyone who wants to contribute with their ideas in ways we can improve the application of the Financial Wave Theory. I will work with anyone that is interested and who has a thirst for knowledge. Let us start first with the USDX. It seems evident that it is likely putting an 18 year cycle high at the time of writing. Can someone care to explain why we had such abrupt variation in the second 54 month cycle within the inverted chart of the DXY as presented on the image below?

The reason I see for this lengthening is the fact that if you project the 9 year and 18 year cycle forward i.e. measure the time of both and project forward you will find that they cluster up at around the vicinity we are in right now. Hence, I think this happened to satisfy the need for the cycle to approach that cluster… any ideas?