FLD Break Point

I have drawn a 80W fld ( fldn = 34) . Here the first price bar given close above fld was on 22 april’16(Point no 1). But soon after this there was a cris cross seen in fld and prices (shown in circle highlighted). If I consider this fld cross as correct, prices have overshot the target price. But if I consider proper fld cross given at point no.2 the price have undershot the target price. This small thing has changed the entire scenario. Please help me clear this concept when to consider it as a correct proper fld cross.?

Hi Kenilgala. This is something that you will often encounter, multiple crosses of an FLD. Hurst wrote about it in his Cycles Course, and recommended that one should find the “median crossing point”. So in other words you would find the average position for the cross. In Sentient Trader and the MT4 indicators we go through all the crosses of the FLD in the sequence (there are often many of them), and work out the “median” crossing point using the process of finding the center point of a cluster of points,
You will find this kind of thing happening often, which is one of the challenges of analyzing and trading the markets. It is a very beautiful example of the power of the FLD though … showing how price often tracks along the FLD before breaking away from it. It did it previously in your chart at the left side as well.

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Thanks david. Yes… Definately… it usually come in my way… such small things…