FLD uncorrect rappresentation in ST?

Greetings to all.After seeing the difference between FLD calculated with the indicator for MT4 and ST and understood that the reason is that indicator for MT4 does not calculate in the construction of the FLD the period of closed markets, I have two questions that I like to give me an answer. By order. The FLD is the representation of the shifted price in the future, a time period equal to an half period of FLD considered. Now, if we consider the intraday data, it is obvious that we will always a hole in the FLD, as we have in the real data, up to the weekly chart, where the hole disappears for obvious reasons. First question, since the correct representation is defined by Hurst, considering period of close markets, why David you say that after study and analysis of MT4 is correct leave it without considering the hole in the data? second question, if it is so, why in ST we have hole in charts? Third question, the most important, how do you fill the FLD line in intraday charts, since it is impossible that in the range of closed markets we could have data? In fact in the MT4 indicator that consider market closed period, we see a straight line with no data. thank you

Hi Rodolfo, the issue of gaps in the charts, or whether we should apply Hurst’s concept that cycles work over time all the way down to intraday level is something that is often debated.
In answer to your questions, firstly the MT4 version does not ignore the gaps by any means. The analysis indicator considers cycles to work over time … but the FLD indicator gives you the option to displace the FLD correctly, or to displace it by bars instead of time. Depending on what cycle you are looking at, this might only cause a difference in the FLD for a few hours every week, or for longer periods of time. We didn’t perform extensive testing of this by any means, but the feedback from our beta testers was that displacing by bars worked very well, and so that is the default - but you can change it.
ST displays the gaps in the charts because it is was built from the ground up to obey Hurst’s principles, and the data that it fills in for use with the FLD is “dummy data” that is calculated by taking previous cycle action and filling it in. You can display that dummy data if you’d like to see it by going to the Options>Chart tab and selecting the checkbox for “Plot dummy value on non trading bars” about two-thirds of the way down the chart options.

thanks David for the right explanation …as always…bye