Found a color problem with HC for MT4 indicator

Note sure where to report this and can’t say for sure it’s a bug either, but…

After changing from the default black background in MT4 to use a white one, or actually Snow, and also changed Input value for “chart background is dark” to false, all text labels seem to write in white still and hence becomes invisible.

This includes VTL labels along the line, and also Bar Counter, and maybe there is more but cannot recall now if there used to be other labels. I have tried to change the color from Black to White in the Colors tab in the indicators property box to no avail and I cannot find any other property that may have an impact on this so conclude it has to be a bug.

Hi Joakim, we have an update coming out this week with some improvements to the analysis, and I’ll see if we can add inputs for the label colors in the VTL and bar counter. Should be an easy thing to add.