Gdx ewave and slv

the ewave for the hui gdx slv gld has puzzed me and a lot of people

initially i thought wave 2 correction ended dec 2016 and wave i of 3

until feb of 2017 . that cant be not enough volume and too long and deep a

pullback . pullbacks in a wave 3 should be shallow so what is going on ?

my opinion now is that wave 2 correction is still in progress

we did an A wave into dec 2016 a B wave into april 13 and everything

since then has been a C wave. if you look at the chart of slv it is

pretty clear that decline of 13 or 14 straight days would make sense in a C wave

so i believe the C wave is close to ending but if so and i am right on this count

we will see a powerful rally in gdx hui slv gld the whole complex

it will be unmistakeable and blow out any overhead resistance

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Thats nice, you do realise this is a forum discussing primarily Hurst Cycles though right? Lets see some FLDs, VTLs etc!

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