Greetings from a New Hurst Trader


I am new to Hurst Cycles having only learned about J.M. Hurst one week ago. Since that time I have been a bit like a one-eyed dog in a meat factory. Digging here and there and ordering the historical books I’m sure most of you hold in high regard either from J.M. Hurst (‘Profit Magic’, ‘Hurst Cycles Course’, etc…), or Christopher Grafton (‘Mastering Hurst Cycles’). I have seen many of the videos on You Tube posted by David Hickson (Sentient) and they are a great resource!

I am looking into acquiring Cycle Analysis Software in order to do Cycle Analysis. I will plot that Analysis with FLD’s and VTL’s, especially the FLD aspect. I am interested in the Sentient MT4 Indicator from David Hickson (Sentient) as I know many of you trade with it daily. I will say it is a bit out of our budget and this is why I am having to educate myself in order to eventually do my own Phasing/Cycle Analysis.

I have been trading the Forex Market on and off for 5 years. I am not a Scalper and not a Swing, or Position Trader. I like to trade Intraday and try not to hold trades overnight, unless the Setup requires a bit longer ride. I focus on Price Action (Supply & Demand), Fractals (Benoit Mandlebrot…not Bill Williams), and Market Geometry. I have an deep respect for Traders who approach analysis from a Physics and Math perspective (i.e. Jim Simons). Although I myself barely passed basic Algebra, I have enough experience with Market Geometry and Fractals to realize their presence.

I was looking into Elliott Wave as a way of analyzing larger Market Structure and was not too crazy about it’s (EW) subjective nature. I am told Ralph Elliott did not really even trade, he just analyzed charts? Regardless, I stumbled upon a Hurst Video during that online ‘wave/cycle’ search and to be honest… I thought “here we go, this looks like WD Gann type stuff”. However, with understanding of Fractals and the way Price moves much like a Sine Wave, I was instantly interested.

My first reaction to David’s Hurst Cycle video was… “Why, haven’t I heard of this before”? Which immediately was answered by the private life that J.M Hurst seemed to live, as well as the complex nature of Hurst Cycle analysis. I say ‘complex’ as I realize many Traders are looking for an easy way to do this without having to spend too much brain power, or actually rolling up their sleeves and doing some necessary work in order to reap the rewards… which ONLY come with actual work. I am finding the Hurst Method to be really straightforward and I would be aware of it in a more dynamic fashion, especially Intraday.

With time and experience in the Trading World, I have always tried to live by a few simple Trading Rules… 1 - Beware of the smartest guy in the room syndrome. 2 - Beware of the dead guy, or reclusive guy trading methods. 3 - Beware of the name dropper guy. 4 - Beware of the new way to massage price method guy. Well, you get it. You really need to dig and verify before you commit time and resources. I am convinced J.M. Hurst might have been a bit ‘reclusive’. But, I also realize how Cycles are evident in most everything that surrounds us, especially Price and Markets! Long story short… I am very glad to have found and joined this Forum!

Hello Taylormade,
Nice to read your letter about how you enterered into the Hurst Cycles world. I think David Hickson has done a great job in creating Sentient Trader (further called ST), that I have already for many years, Through Davids instructive Youtube videos and White Papers, I could deepen my understanding of how the cycles work and why they vary and even seem to disappear over time.
Approximately at the same time as I discovered the Hurst Cycles, I read about the work of Edward R. Dewey (through his book “Cycles, the mysterious forces that trigger events”), who created the “Foundation for the Study of Cycles” and built a rough Stock-Market cycles model back in the second half of the fourties of the last century. This model has been perfected by the “Foundation” since then in their Cycles App. This app, by the way, allows, like ST, also allows for intraday analyses. Until now, however, I did not try the intraday possibilities of ST and the Cycles App, as I use both ST and the Cycles App of the Foundation for longer duration prognoses.
Best regards and good trading, Erik


Hello and Thanks for the kind reply! Yeah, being a newbie is interesting to discover a world you never knew existed. I have joined the Cycles Foundation, Thank You! One of their Board members has a web forum and other Cycles groups online (Mr. Ray Tomes). That lead to a visit to the ‘CATS’ website and they are nice enough to provide a free software called ‘CATS’ and that should allow me to do additional Cycles research. Glad to be here and meet new Cycle Traders and afficianados, hope you are doing well!

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