Hello everyone from Athens, Greece

I have recently been studying Hurst cycles and I accidentally saw a video of David on youtube.
I hope i will learn a lot in this forum.



Kostas Im Derek, hows the weather?
HAHA Im in Mexico City, yeah this forum is good, and it has helped me understand trading, the entire method that David teaches is very sound and of course, Hurst’s Course, available online (shabbily, mind you) is pretty easy to go through in like 3 solid weeks I think.

Like right now, it seems there is a 20 week cycle it some power stocks, forming. And its earnings again.

If you want to chat give me a call: 005215576574488
Or FB: https://www.facebook.com/derek.frazier.7587

Thanks man

Welcome to the forum, good to see some new faces joining.

Hi Derek ,

Yea its pretty much sunny every day . The weathers pretty good.

It feels like summer already .

I am total beginner so I will catch up with you guys later because I still need to get the basics .

I am back to work :slight_smile:

Cheers everyone

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