Hello from Alain from Paris

I am french, I use a mix from GANN and Hurst Tools to manage my own money. I discovered Hurst in 2006. I do not share the view from David and others that the Course is more effective than the Book (Profit Magic).

For me the discussions about “Cycles” have exactly the same taste as the discussions about “Waves” between ellioticians.

From Hurst I use mainly Centered Moving Averages to build Enveloppes, CMA Crossings, FLD and VTL’s

For me the main addition from David to Hurst theory and tools is his research and study about FLD’s


Hi @alainv thanks for joining us. I am forever grateful to you for pointing out that the early charts of The Hurst Trader looked like the “kitchen sink”! Back in the day when every single FLD and VTL was displayed all the time!