Hello from David@TradingHurst!

Hello all, very glad to be part of this forum.

I first encountered Hurst cycles via David’s youtube channel and never really looked back. This technique really chimed with my mindset and the quantifiable nature of waves in the market. I have a strong interest in astronomy and quantum mechanics so when I discovered, via Profit Magic, that the method involved spectracopy at its heart I was hooked. I spent many months reading everything I could about this strange cyclic action, including, of course, ‘Profit Magic for Stock Transaction Timing’’, Chris Grafton’s excellent ‘Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis’ and the original Cyclitec cycles course by Hurst himself. While doing this research I was also putting the techniques I had learnt into action trading real money.

Previously I had used Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, pure price action and harmonic patterns (simplified Hurst Cycles!) with mediocre success. It was only when I really got into Hurst Cycles that I knew I would not require any other method. It really is the most robust and elegant discovery.

Prior to trading full time I ran a successful internet business, started via a grant from the Princes Trust here in the UK.

I can mostly be found during the day either on twitter (@tradinghurst) and in the live room where I endeavour to share my intraday phasings and any snippets of knowledge I can. I occasionally update my blog www.tradinghurst.com with some EOD musings but I prefer to use twitter!

Thanks and I look forward to many good discussions on here.


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Thanks for joining us @David_F!

I have been following David now for a week or so, he knows what he is doing and offers valuable tips along the way!!

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Hello all… pleased to be here… again :slight_smile:
I arrived to Sentient Trader several years ago and enjoyed David’s educational effort for a long time. I have been using ST up to intraday trading edition and participated in webinars and advanced courses. I find cycles as the most powerful analysis to approach markets…
As long as I combine markets with other activities I use to go and come, it is time to enjoy again cycles and markets.

Hi Josè - definitely time to enjoy the markets again!