Hello from Seattle, WA!

Hi everyone, I am excited to be taking one step deeper into the world of Hurst Cycles trading by joining this forum. :slight_smile: I discovered Hurst Cycles a year or so ago and have been slowly aggregating knowledge. I have been working my way through the Hurst Cycles Trading Course, and recently started my Sentient Trader trial and became a subscriber to Hurst Signals. Looking forward to learning a lot more in the months and years to come!

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welcome, I am right down thee street from you. how is your learning going so far ?? looks like were heading into wave 5 up impulsive… jules

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im right down the street too, on twitter… lol and wordpress (cdmxderek.wordpress.com), whats your twitter?
Let me know how I can help, love to collaborate with new Hurst users. Been studying and trading for 9 years, going on my 10 year anniversary this year.


Hi Derek!

I am actually not on twitter very much, but my handle is prodigalsunsign. I will check out your blog. :slight_smile: At this point I am still working to navigate the entire landscape just to take advantage of the Hurst Signals service. I am always open to more resource recommendations if you have any favorites.

The learning is going well. A tad challenging since I am primarily interested in Bitcoin and all the learning has to be applied a little differently to that asset. I started the Hurst Signals service so I could get exposure to more instruments and start understanding them a little better.


Im on board with the Bitcoin trading being different, it definitely has synchronized peaks so it makes it speculatory to the extreme. I would like to help but I dont have much to say about it other than, there is a bit of success in holding this for longer targets and periods. None that I have found for short term less than 40 days. And I havent tried to day trade it or things like that shorter term.

Are you trading full time retail, home office like me? I am currently researching system trading.
If youre interested.

Derek Frazier

Hi Derek,

I am wondering since we are in close physical contact, perhaps you would like to share some phone calls and see what or if our analysis correctness together on a couple different markets?