Hello from the Great White North (Canada) - Big Smoke (Toronto)

Looking forward to see this forum develop.

Getting back into trading after a busy summer, and am a bit more focused, so want to keep motivated and post on a (hopefully) regular basis.

Would like to hear back from other Crazy Canucks - especially any in the GTA. Do we have enough to have a Meetup?

We have a few in the area that I know, so please make contact, and introduce yourself.

As for me, I have been working with/on the Hurst method for years, with varying degrees of success as time and effort permitted. Was luck to be involved with the software back in the early stages, when it was called The Hurst Trader. Am thrilled to have Sentient software and the ability to quickly let the software do an initial analysis. Working on getting better at making the time to analyze the analysis, and turn it into profitable trading.

Hopefully together we can all benefit from this new forum.

Good Luck and Good Trading

Blair Carruthers

Hi @blair.carruthers! Great to see you here. Meet-ups are a great idea … I want an invite! It is time I get back to your neck of the woods.