Hello to all Hurst followers

Hi, I’m Chris.
I found out about Sentient Trader through David’s presentation at the FSC Summit this past June. I had read JM Hurst’s and Chris Grafton’s books but could not see myself creating a user-friendly implementation of the methodology. Don’t ask me why I didn’t see the reference to Sentient Trader at the end of Grafton’s book :frowning:
Reading these and a few other books about cyclical behavior of widespread phenomena as well as complex systems dynamics I have tried multiple ways to replicate the movement of financial markets, from DFT-based frequency analysis to MESA.
Well, I’m here now.

Cheers to All,

Hello drcsanft,

I give you credit for reading Hurst’s book and especially Grafton’s book. Whew!
That book was alot to chew wasn’t it?
I had to read it twice.