Hi from western Canada

I’m an early-intermediate career currency and equity, CFD commodity trader. For some time I’ve realized that markets have a rhythm, and that traditional technical analysis falls far short of the mark when trying to explain how markets operate, while fundamental analysis, falls even shorter.

I’ve started studying Hurst, working my way through Grafton (I haven’t noticed any strong opinions here about his book, even though he does recommend, SentientTrader) still tracking down a copy of Profit Magic, and hopefully some day I will dig into Hurst’s course. Once I feel I have a handle on the basics, and can see how to profit from ST, I’ll probably buy the software.

I’m also interested in the possibilities of modifying existing periodogram spectral analysis (currently MESA?) with Goertzel or EMD algorithms. Everyone needs a hobby. :slight_smile:


" Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis" contains best publicly available information on the subject of Hurst analysis.

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Welcome ScarletPip,

Graftons book is essential reading to get into Hurst. I recommend watching all of the videos by David Hickson on youtube too, aswell as the obvious profit magic and course.


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You should be able to find both “Profit Magic” and Hurst’s cycles course free online. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve found all these resources, including Grafton’s book, require multiple readings and intense study. I still refer to them often.

Sentient Trader’s FLD trading strategy has been very helpful for me.

I am also investigating different time series decomposition methods like SSA and EMD. They are promising but at some point there are diminishing returns and one needs to determine whether they want to trade financial instruments or become an electrical engineer.


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It certainly would be easier if I was already a digital signal processing expert, but you’re right, it isn’t clear if the cost of research outweighs the extra bit of precision you might get from a new method.

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Hey Scarlet, if you are interested in the Hurst Cyclitec Services Training Course you will be able to find it at:


As an electrical engineer that specialised in DSP, FFT, communications and control theory (a long time ago) my interests are very aligned. (albeit these days I am still clear on concepts and theory but soft on practical application and the underlying maths).

I have spend the last 6 months analysing and developing an MT4 EA . Still very much a work in progress and one of 2 steps forward one back (or the reverse sometimes!). The very process of automating itself is a highly insightful journey itself and is providing some insight into the complexities and decisions that David and his team went through when developing SentientTrader .

Meanwhile I trade manually using Hurst concepts as one of my tools of trade - but admit the automation intellectual challenge has been a welcome distraction. :wink:

PS Welcome to the clan :wink:



Thanks for sharing this !