Historic Data - Is the source data provider important?

Hi Seasons greetings all,

I am and English guy living in Poland, and have been signed up to the Husrt Signals service for about a month; had some good interation with David@hursttrading, but thought I’d post here rather than harrassing him again. :slight_smile:

I just signed for the 30 day free trial of EOD Trader edition; which will be linked to my IG Broker using their version of MT4.

After accessing the data from Senitent Trader, the ST software has what appear sto be gaps in the data thats displayed, which is not missing when viewed within the MT4 charts. in the case of SPY, its two months data between may and july 2010, something simlar happens to the data for US Oil. as an attempt to resolve this I deleted the chart data from MT4 and ( I believe from ST) but get exactly the same gaps. I also succesfully managed to download data from IG using their Web API, but found that MT4 wasnt importing it, and…apparently I reached the limit of the historic data volume I am permitted to download from IG. I am not specifically posting for tech support on MT4 or ST, as I’ll email the support team for their input but when looking at this I thought I’d post on here with the following questions regarding data, as you might be able to provide answers I can use instead of waiting until after the Chriustmas break. So here goes,

(1.) If I don’t intend to use the MT4 for algo trading which requires backtesting on the MT4 system, is it really so important to use the historic data provided by IG for the preparation of an analysis on an instrument? I think not, though am curious about responses. If not…

(2.) Are there preferered providers for historic data? For example, I have a tradestation account, which means I should be able to get data from them, though it would be for symbols in the US and of course dollar denominated; does anyone have suggestions based on their experience?

I posted some examples of what I’m seeing…Oh BTW wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Hi sineman,

Greetings to you in Poland.
I have just recently moved back to the UK, but am also using IG as my brokers platform and import data from MT4 in ST.
I have an intraday node licence though so don’t require the EOD data like you would need to formulate and base your next trading decisions on.
I see the historical data provided by IG only goes back to 27/04/2010, and then as you rightly show there does appear to be 2 months of data missing between 20/04/2010 and 03/05/2010.
This is obviously a data glitch from IG and you could ask them to update it.
However if you require as much data as you can get your hands on to do a very long term analysis I am sure websites like stooq.pl, (as you live there), or a free trial from Ninjatrader also provides EOD data. Either should provide you with enough data to start a long term analysis which you can then import into ST and create an expert or new nominal model and then inherit the phasing from this new model down to the lower time frames.
I hope this helps.
Enjoy the festive season.

Hi Platinum,

Many thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. The fact that you tookm the time to download and try and emulate the quality of the IG data is also very much appreciated as it alowed me to close this off.

I downloaded data from 2001 to date from my Tradestation account and after a little bit of refromatting date and time I got what I believe to be a good sample, which now imprts beautifully into ST. That should be enough for me to have a tinker around…For the moment.

Also, I’ll have a look at Stook.pl.

so, onec again thanks and Merry Christmas to you.

Hi sineman,

You are welcome. I am sorry I could not assist you further.
If you are relatively new to ST, (like myself), I can only suggest you look at David Hickson’s video material on how to conduct a phasing analysis as the starting points of where to select your data is important. You want to be sure ST will include an important trough as it’s start point. I am sure you will have received this with your EOD trading edition of ST.
From there you can then experiment with different expert models and look at David’s recent video of the 6 year cycle in the SPY.
There is a lot on this forum and David@tradinghurst posts regularly on his Twitter feed. His day to day trading analysis and posts have been very helpful to me. He is willing to share his knowledge as are most kind people on this forum.
Good luck with your trading.