How to show only limited number of cycles?

How to show only a limited number of cycles? On this chart there are only four cycles.
I would like not to show shorter cycles to clean up charts.
Thank you!

Well given it is my chart, let me ask you why? And can you clarify what you are asking for?

The chart in question is a monthly HUI chart that goes back to a 1996 start date. Sentient Trader will typically show, as the largest cycle period, a minimum of three complete cycle periods within the data range analyzed. Sometimes two as is shown in the chart (ie. 7.5 year cycle). A larger data set would show the 15 year cycle. But with ~ 20 years data you cannot do this with the HUI. If the 15 year cycle were shown on a bigger data range, ST would not show the 48 week cycle.

As an aside, I have noticed that a few well known analysts have started to use these cycle periods (per my gold & gold miner model) in the last year. Ray Merriman, who is a astrologer/cycles analyst and well known subscribed market analyst, is an example. I don’t recall him identifying a 7.4 year cycle in past work, but this is now the basis of his current work. In fact 2 years ago he was still referring to 4.25 year and 8.5 year cycles for gold. He would not have been able to identify the 7.5 year cycle on his own without some mathematical based cycle work (which is not his thing) and some very long term analysis. The only example of this kind of work and analysis that I have seen was first presented in late 2015.

We’ll have to see how well this model holds up to to test of time. :slight_smile:



I really like your 7.5 y - 45 m - 22.5 m model. This is what I got for HUI with data from 1996. My question was whether it is possible to get rid of short cycles like 2 day, 3.9 day, 7.9 day. I do not think they add any value to this picture but only add noise and consume space I would rather use for Elliott Wave count lol

BTW according to that model I only see a weak bounce into April - early May in miners. 12 week cycle is bottoming right here and will top on 24 April. But 25 week cycle is coming down into early June. And it seems that this is one of the main reasons the bounce will be weak.

Thank you!

Nice chart and view. I would switch to a weekly view to eliminate the very small cycles being shown. I also like to look at monthly, weekly and daily time scales for different views.

Remember that you can enter and use any nominal model you prefer. That is another way to manipulate the ST output. I start with the largest cycles I follow up to ~15 years for gold.

The coming weeks for this market are critical either way.


Funnily enough that is one of the small feature enhancements in the next release of ST.
Here is an example:

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