Hurst Cycle "friendly" simulation software for MT4

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I have been playing with various packages to see if any will play to any degree with the Hurst Cycles. I noted the response from David to the recent question about “Cycles MT4 Indicators in expert adviser back testing issues”, but would like to think that subject to “clearing out earlier cycle data” and have to rebuild the time frames files with each scenario there may be working solution available. I played with Soft4FX and made some progress but not to a practical stage at this point in time.

My personal sense is the new indicators are very useful and need to be read in the context of multiple time-frames and possible complemented with some other signals. Hence my interest in the ability to do simulation.

Would greatly appreciate any thoughts on the subject and would like to know if anyone has had some form of success with any simulation packages?

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Hi Lex. I think you might find that the solution is not so much in finding friendly simulation software but in customizing the Hurst indicators. All simulation software needs to use either MT4’s strategy tester, or they create offline charts. The problem with offline charts is that they don’t have standard timeframes, and everything about the HC indicators involves working with time. The problem with the strategy tester is that it provides limited functionality, as described here:

I think a good place to start might be to turn debugging on (the input “log debug messages” near the bottom of the list of inputs) and run it in the strategy tester, then send us that log file. We should be able to resolve issues with the analysis indicator quickly.

FLD and VTL issues are going to be much more tricky because of the way the indicators communicate cycle information with each other … so that is going to be the bigger bridge to cross!

We could also revisit the idea of offline charts - and create offline charts that do in some way report standard timeframes to the underlying terminal. That would be interesting, but fairly complex …

Hi Lex,

I too am interested in back testing of the MT4 indicators. Are you wanting to ‘simulate’ the indicator to just observe how the indicator, FLDs, targets and VTLs react as time progresses or are you wanting to test different strategies (Expert Advisor) in the back tester using the indicators?

This is the progress I have made so far. Open a chart of the symbol you wish to back test and click through all the time frames to update the data. Create a template that has the main Hurst indicator (and the VTL / FLD indicators if you wish). Go to the back tester and start a visual back test. Immediately click the pause icon for the back test, on the visual chart for the back test add the template that contains the Hurst indicators, now resume the test. For me, I can see that the Hurst Indicator updates itself and I can see the VTLs and FLD Target being updated as the test/time progresses. It does sometimes hang MT4 if you set the tester speed to full. I have also been testing an indicator that utilizes the custom event broadcasts of the Hurst Cycles indicator, when placing this indicator in the template that is applied to the back test chart, the journal tab of the tester reveals that the indicator is requesting and receiving broadcast messages from the Hurst Cycles indicator. As the Hurst indicator broadcasts the cycle peaks, troughs and wavelengths, I am hopeful that signals could be created and utilized by an EA in the tester.

I have also tested creating my own MT4 history file (.HST) with a custom symbol name (I have been experimenting with summed sine waves) and opening it as an offline chart. The indicators appear to work on this offline chart if you have enough data (I’m not sure if the Hurst Cycles indicator has enough data in that chart only if it can analyse all higher timeframe cycles without the need for offline files of the higher timeframes). In order to ‘replay’ or ‘simulate’ the data to observe how the indicators react as time (bars) move forward, the HST file would need to have the next bar of data appended and then the offline chart window would need to have an update data message posted so the newly added bar was drawn.


I am new to this forum would you be kind enough and please attach & post the MT4 Hurst cycle indicators that you have with you please which are shown in the chart . Your help cooperation & coordination will be highly appreciated .Thank you in advance .
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Hello there! Thank you for your interest in the Hurst Cycles indicators.

You can find out more abot them from here:

There you will also find links to purchase a Trial or full version of the indicators.