Hurst Cycles Webinars with David Hickson?

Just wondering when we can expect the fabulous fortnightly market commentary to return? I do enjoy a good webinar.


yes David long time passed, we are missing it much.

I would like to second, or “third” that. It would be most helpful to get the perspective of the master.

Hi everyone. Thank you for the prompting! It is good to know that there is interest in the webinars.
And YES, I am going to be resuming the webinars. I have recently been putting together some ideas for better serving the growing Hurst cycles community (as you will probably know if you are a Sentient Trader or MT4 indicator user …)
It is a little complicated because we have a greater range of knowledge and experience levels than ever before, but I will soon be announcing some new initiatives, and the fortnightly webinars will be returning!


I am new to this forum would you be kind enough and please attach & post the MT4 Hurst cycle indicators that you have with you please which are shown in the chart . Your help cooperation & coordination will be highly appreciated .Thank you in advance .
Warm Regards