Hurst Signals service

I am just curious if anyone is a current or past subscriber to the Sentient Trader signals service, and what has been your experience using it?

I have been using the Signals service for awhile now and am beginning to build confidence in the results. A couple of points that I think might help.

Sorry. Point A. Are you trading the same instrument that is being evaluated in the Signals output. Gold versus the ETF GLD or Crude Oil versus the ETF USO. The phasing will be different and you should be aware that it can make a difference. Point B. I believe that the analysis is based upon the 80 Day cycle. Sometimes it seems that the 20 Week cycle becomes more dominant and the phasing is changed by the Signals group (or person). Overall, I find that it helps me to resolve a phase of the cycle and makes me more aware of the
’art’ of analysis, not just a mathematical result

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I used the service in my early days as a Hurst trader and learnt a great deal. It is a very worthwhile service in my opinion.

If you don’t trade fulltime it can be a time saver for sure.


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