Hurst Tools for MT4-How much data is too much data?

I was working with the SPX 500 cycles in the Hurst Tools for MT4 program and I didn’t really like the cycles that the program was showing me. For example, it placed an 18 year cycle peak back in 2015.

I’m thinking that this is because of the limited long term data that MT4 had in it on the monthly timeframe. Therefore, I imported monthly data into the monthly tab that goes back to 1970. The data imported fine and the chart is perfect on the monthly chart. This gives the program a classic “M” formation to base it’s analysis around.

When I placed the Hurst Cycles indicator on this chart, I get the message that Analysis has started with MN data. However, the analysis never completes…(at least in 20 mins, so far)

Have I overloaded the data? I wouldn’t think so because it still doesn’t fill up even one screen but I’m thinking that the other time frames may be loading in too…



Hi Greg,

I had the same problem when I was testing the indicator. The problem is that the timestamps on the imported data are incorrect. There is a post somewhere that discusses this issue.