Individual Stock vs. SP500

Just looking at SBUX tonight. System says to be on the lookout for a bullish move, but a little worried to take that bet as our same system says stock market is going down. Not taking the SBUX bet, but will be interesting to check back to see at end of year. Feel free to add your own thoughts to this thread too on the topic.



Hi while not particularly Hurst related, I think buying at a value near an area such as that offered is bound to be volatile and, if holding for a larger position trade, Id say its good. IT would be better to wait for the 20 week peak in SBUX to come in before attempting a buy. Because there could easily be a new bottom, and ID think that if SBUX comes up a bit more it will be a short target for a run to the bottom, no? Edge band shouldnt be too bad. A lot more to talk about, but if this an 18 M cycle low, SBUX will see much higher prices if holding for a 20 week cycle peak into October/November. The peak will be pretty apparent. I dont no whether buying SBUX is better than another stock or the general market. I see also that SBUX has significant call buying in the last trading day.

SBUX up around 20% since first posting. Always take an individual stock signal no matter what the greater market may look like?