Introducing myself

Good morning

I am 73 year old retired attorney, mother of 2 wonderful sons and 2 wonderful grandsons.

Since my retirement in 2004 I live in a very small village called St Lucia which is in the Isimangaliso World Heritage site in Kwazulu-Natal. Probably about 450 houses and many of them belonging to people who only holiday here. A beautiful place to live.

I have been studying Hurst Cycles for several years. Have not yet purchased David’s software though.

Discovered David Hickson by chance and have become very fond of him because he is a gentle soul.

My trading started in 2008 with a mini demo account and went live in 2011, Trading mainly currencies and sometimes gold and very occasonally taking a dip and S&P 500 futures, All with moderate success.


Hello from Serbia

My name is Geoff. I am from Australia. My first contact with cycles in the markets came when I had a Business in New Zealand and needed to decide when to transfer funds from one country to the next. The exchange rate seemed to be moving in cycles and wanted to know how and when. I found Hurst’s course and worked my way through it then looked through the internet and found Sentient trader and that the creator David Hickson was coming to Adelaide to give a seminar which I enrolled into and drove from Melbourne to Adelaide and spent 3 days in a monastery learning about ST.
Over the years I became a successful trader, so much so that I gave up my day job to trade. About a year ago I left Australia and have been travelling since, currently in Serbia to keep out of the Schengen area.
David’s latest production for trading the markets using Hurst principles on the MT4 platform is brilliant and anyone following a few simple rules will be successful.
Thank you David.


Hi Elizabeth, thank you for the kind words and welcome to the forum! I know St Lucia well … a very beautiful place to live indeed.

Hi Geoff, great to see you here. I am delighted to hear that your trading has been so successful!